Renee Drummond (Summer 2010)

Field of research:  Neuropeptide Regulation

Lab:  Jesus Angulo

School: Manhattan Hunter Science High School

Year: 10th/11th Grade

Research Abstract:

Methamphetamine is a psychoactive stimulant that causes long-term damage to the mesolimbic dopamine system of the brain. Previous studies from the laboratory have found that neuropeptides have the ability to mediate methamphetamine-induced damage. For example, substance P synergizes with METH to augment the levels of nitric oxide in the striatum and pharmacological blockade of the substance P receptor (neurokinin-1 receptor) has the opposite effect. Conversely, agonists of the neuropeptide Y1 and neuropeptide Y2 receptors attenuate the METH-induced elevation of striatal nitric oxide. We confirmed the effect of neuropeptide Y on methamphetamine-induced nitric oxide production with an immunohistochemical study, and found that antagonists of neuropeptide Y1 and Y2 receptors induce 3-nitrotyrosine production.

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