Ling Hong Ren (Summer 2010)

Field of research:
  Cell Biology

Lab: Hualin Zhong

School: Manhattan Hunter Science High School

Year: 10th/11th Grade

Research Abstract:

Meta-analyses of Expression Profiles of Yeast Nuclear Pore Protein Genes

The Nuclear Pore Complexes (NPC) locate on the nuclear envelope and control the transport of molecules into and out of the nucleus. The NPCs are formed by a group of proteins called nucleoporins (Nups). There are approximately 31 Nups in Saccromyces cerevisae. Over this summer, I worked in Dr. Zhong’s lab trying to answer some questions: Is the expression of Nup genes coordinated? Do Nups in the same sub complex behave similarly? What happen to Nup gene expression, induced or repressed, when yeast grows under different conditions? Is Nups’ expression regulated by stress? In order to address these questions, under the guidance of Dr. Qiu, I used bioinformatics tools, such as Linux and R-project, to analyze three existing yeast gene expression datasets, glucose limitation, cell cycle (cdc15 and cdc28 synchronization), and unfolded protein response, from three research groups, who used microarray to collect the data. By analyzing the correlation of Nup genes’ expressions from the graphs, we determine if certain Nups are coordinately expressed. The results show that the most significant changes are from the Nups in the scaffold of the NPC, such as Sec13 and Nic96. Further analysis of additional datasets and bench experiments will be carried out to elucidate the regultation of Nup gene expression.

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