Kirk Rattanakorn (Summer 2007)

Field of research: Biology

Lab: Haulin Zhong

School: Manhattan Hunter Science High School

Year: 10th/ 11th Grade

Research Abstract:

                During my summer internship at Hualin Zhong’s lab, I performed a growth curve and a western blot.  I grew four different strains of yeast known as schizosaccharomyces pombe.  558 and 559 are parental strains and 010 and 011 are mutants derived from them.  They were each grown in commercially made EMM and a completely defined EMM that followed the nurse lab recipe.  The strains experienced more growth in the completely defined medium and this concluded that this medium should be used over the commercially made one.  The second project that I performed was a western blot.  Since my lab lacked antibodies that were specific to the protein of interest, spTpr, we improvised.  My lab had anti-HA and anti-FLAG and these amino acid sequences were attached to the spTpr.  I used three samples of 010, 011, and 558 strains known as the input, unbound, and second elution.  The input samples contained the maximum amount of spTpr.  In the unbound samples, the proteins were removed.  The antibodies were removed from the spTpr in the second elution samples.  My western blot proved that spTpr was expressed in 010 and 011.  Additionally, it also proved that the HA and FLAG sequences attached to spTpr.

Personal Comment:

Other Accomplishment:
NYU' 13