Elaine Yap (Summer 2008)

Field of research: Cancer Biology

Lab: Jill Bargonetti

School: Manhattan Hunter Science High School

Year: 10th/ 11th Grade

Research Abstract:


     This summer, I completed an internship at Dr. Jill Bargonetti's lab. My project there was to clone and construct plasmids with shRNA inserts. These plasmids will be used in future experiments for silencing p53, mdm2 and mdmx gene experession in breast cancer cells. We began with two different types of plasmids: psM2c (contains shRNA) and STGM plasmids (inducible promoter).  We digested both with Xho1 and  EcoR1 restriction enzymes for specific ligation. Then we ligated the shRNA and expression plasmid by using ligase. Next, we introduced the recombinant plasmid back into the bacterial cell and cloneD them. Finally, we purified the plasmid by following miniprep protocol. These plasmids were then stored in the refrigerator at -20 degrees Celcius until the next experiment.

Personal Comment:

    Working in a big lab like this is very hard. It takes a while to understand what people are doing in the lab. Once you are able to understand, it's fun.

Other Accomplishment: