Aysha Jalal (Summer 2009)

Field of research:
Cancer Biology

Lab: Jill Bargonetti

School: Manhattan Hunter Science High School

Year: 10th/11th Grade

Research Abstract:

During my summer, I have been working in Dr. Jill Bargonetti’s Lab. I have been working with C. elegans and assessing progeny and morphologies. During my time in the lab, I have performed experiments in which I have observed the worm’s aging, morphologies, brood size, and egg viability. I have been working with different mutant worms that contain mutant genes. The genes that I have observed are cep-1/p53, bec-1, abl-1, and ced-1. p53 is a tumor suppressor that is mutated or inactivated in over 50% of all cancers. We are working on germ line cell death. The germline is the only region within the adult worm with actively dividing cells. Chemotherapeutic agents are used to induce germ line cell death and this has been shown to be CEP-1/p53 dependent. We are using C. elegans as a preclinical model to look for germ line cell death using different chemotherapeutic agents with and without CEP-1/p53 activity.

Personal Comment:

At first, working in the lab can be a difficult process. But throughout my internship, I have got to know everyone pretty well and i really did learn many things from working in Dr. Jill Bargonetti's lab. It was my pleasure to help the other members in the lab.

Other Accomplishment: