Asha Hedrington (Summer 2010)

Field of research: Cell Biology (Telomere function in Human cells)

Lab: Diego Loayza

School: Manhattan Hunter Science High School

Year: 10th/11th Grade

Research Abstract:

Telomeres are the long stretches of the gene sequence TTAGGG that are located at the end of chromosomes. The shelterin complex is found along these repeats protects the ends of chromosomes, by preventing an inappropriate activation of the DNA damage response pathway. Throughout the summer I worked in Dr.Loayza’s lab, studying intranuclear interactions between shelterin and novel telomere binding proteins, named TRIP6 and LPP. My overall project was to use immunofluorescence to show colocalization of a protein TRIP6 with telomeres, and to determine if colocalization levels are correlated to telomere length. I found evidence that TRIP6 co-localizes at a small (1-3) number of telomeres in human cells.

Personal Comment:

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