RTF Workshop (Academic Year)

The workshop is offered twice a year (in the fall and spring semesters) to Manhattan Hunter Science High School students, and hosted by the Hunter College Department of Biological Sciences. Admission is based on the student's performance in biology Regents, interest in science, and teacher's recommendations. We accept up to 10 students each semester. (See Current and Past Students for details). 

RTFW is a hands-on course, covering:            

Students are given introductory hands-on training on the use of basic laboratory equipment.

In addition, each student is required to do a literature search on a current biomedical research-technique and present their work in a PowerPoint presentation format at the end of the workshop. Suggested PowerPoint topics are

·        Gene knock down,

·        Gene knock in/ out,

·        Immunofluorescence Labeling,

·        Gel electrophoresis,

·        DNA fingerprinting,

·        Therapeutic cloning,

·        PCR,

·        RT-PCR,

·        Bioinformatics,

·        Immunoprecipitation assay,

·        Microarray,

·        Microscopy,

·        Chromatography,

·        Cell and tissue culture,

·        Sequencing technology

·        Cell and tissue culture vs. Animal model system

Upon successful completion of the workshop, students are awarded a certificate of completion, and become eligible to apply for a summer internship in faculty research labs at Hunter.