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Korori, Kamrooz February 1996 Attended NYU Medical School 
Williams-Kircher, Natasha February 1996 H.S. Biology Science Teacher in Pennsylvania; Member of the District's Educational Leadership Division as a Master Teacher 
Asaro, Louis June 1996  Attended NYU Medical School 
Caton, Mamie June 1996 MD from SUNY-Brooklyn Medical School 
Data, Ujjwa  June 1996  MD from NYU College of Podiatry; Practicing Podiatrist 
Lee, Kyeng (Joseph) June 1996  Ph.D. in Biology from CUNY; Post-Doctoral at Columbia University Medical School; Assistant Professor at Bronx Community College of CUNY 
Liu, Xin June 1996  Ph.D. in Biology from the Rockefeller University; entered Law School 
Michalopoulos, Christos  June 1996 Attended CUNY Ph.D. Program; Biomedical Technician position at Rockefeller University, presently Systems Administrator,| Geographic Solutions, Inc, Omaha Circle Palm Harbor, FL 34683 
Mueller, Helene  June 1996  Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2004 (Mentor: James H. Meador-Woodruff), presently a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Paresh Patel at the Mental Health Research Institute of the University of Michigan. 
Price, Simone June 1996  Accepted at Penn State Medical School; Declined for Financial Reasons; Returned to Australia 
Sorokina, Yelena  June 1996 Completing Residency in Osteopathic Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical School 
Baldeo, Rudolph  January 1997 MD from Medical School in Grenada 
Addei-Maanu, Catherine  June 1997 Attended Medical School 
Koltunova, Natalya  June 1997 Attended Cornell University Medical School; Winner of the Jonas Salk award from CUNY 
Landas, Kristina  June 1997 M.A. from NYU; Associate Merchandising Director and Sponsorship Director at the New Yorker Magazine 
Martsinkevich, Oksana  June 1997  Attended and graduated from Kirksville, Missouri College of Osteopathic Medicine Missouri, did a residency at Long Island Jewish Hospital and returned to Missouri to practice medicine. 
McGrath, Holly  June 1997 DVM from University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine; Practicing Veterinarian 
Parisien, Jean-Patrick  June 1997  Research Technician at Rockefeller University 
Vassiliev, Eugenia  June 1997 DVM from University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 
Whilden, Susan Lee  June 1997  Howard University Medical School 
Butler-Barile, Nancy  June 1998  M.A. in Biology at Hunter College; H.S. Teacher in NYC 
Davelman, Felix  June 1998  MD from SUNY-Brooklyn Medical School 
Gorloff, Vera  June 1998 DDS from New Jersey Dental School, University of Medicine & Dentistry; Practicing Dentist 
Medvedik, Oliver  June 1998  Ph.D. Program in Biology at Harvard University 
Ng, Altagracia San  June 1998  Attended Medical/Graduate School 
Radulescu, Andrea  June 1998  Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Is presently a postdoc at Univ. California at San Diego 
Richmond-Chew, Victoria  June 1998  Graduate School 
Huda, Nazmul  June 1999  MD from SUNY - Stony Brook Medical School; Completing Residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 
Lema-Foley, Christine  June 1999 BA/MS Combined degree from Hunter College - Biology & Environmental Health Science; New York City Transit System Safety Specialist 
Russak, Julie  June 1999  MD from NYU; Resident in Dermatology at Dartmouth Medical School; clinical fellow at NYU. 
Seepersad, Sheila  June 1999  MA in Biology from Hunter College; Technician in Private Industry 
Surpris, Joseph  June 1999  Is now a high school teacher in NYC 
VanBuren, Daniel  June 1999  Ross University Medical Dental School in Domenica 
Delgado, Pabel  June 2000  Technician at Rockefeller University 
Paraskevas, Lily-Rose  June 2000  MD from Weill-Cornell Medical School; Dermatology Resident at SUNY Downstate 
Roland, Lincoln  June 2000  Penn State Medical School 
Shakhovsky, All  June 2000  New York College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Gnatovskiy, Leonid  June 2001  Attending NYU Ph.D. Program in Biology since 2004 
Escribano, Douglas  June 2002  Completed Biomedical M.A. Program at NYU 
Miller, Todd  June 2002  Presently a College Laboratory Technician in Biology at Hunter College. Previously Administrator for HHMI-USE grant. 
Conrad, Mara  June 2003  Accepted into Ph.D. Program in Cell Biology at UC, Davis – left to get married, had a child; Considering Biomedical Ph.D. Program 
Silva, Diana  June 2003  Attending Dental School at the University of Pennsylvania 
DeNobile, Joanna  June 2004  Completed Physicians Assistant School at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, New York 
Giza, Joanna  June 2004  Attending CUNY Ph.D. Program in Biology, PhD expected Jan. 2010 
Alvarez, Rita  June 2005  MBL Intern in 2001 
Isakova, Victoria  June 2005  Research Assistant; Attending MD program at the University of Vermont Medical School 
Pielak, Rafal  June 2005  Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology Ph.D. Program at Harvard Medical School 
Pinkhasov, Ruben  June 2005  Medical Student at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine 
Rezende, Naira  June 2005  Attending Ph.D. Program in Biology at Weill-Cornell Medical School (EXROP student) 
Chaikhoutdinov, Irina  June 2005  MD from Weill-Cornell Medical School, is specializing in head and neck oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and was recently awarded a pilot research grant for the study of squamous cell carcinoma related to oncogene 5/DCUN1D5. 
Gaysinskaya, Valeriya  June 2005  MBL Intern in 2003; Research Assistant at Rockefeller University; Applying to Medical Schools 
Braun, Alex  September 2005 in Biology PhD Program at CUNY in a neurobiology lab at CCNY 
Bautista, Jennifer  January 2006  MBL Intern in 2004; Enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and is training to be a Pilot 
Bosniak, Peter  January 2006  MBL Intern in 2004; Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter College Spring 2006; graduated from a Physicians Assistant’s Program and is now a practicing PA at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. 
Dekhkanova, Nina  January 2006  MBL Intern in 2004. Presently in Dental School 
Bessonova, Leona  June 2006  MBL Intern in 2005; M.A. in Epidemiology at UCLA, a PhD candidate at UC Irvine in epidemiology. 
Erhard, Karl  2nd Degree  MBL Intern in 2005; In PhD program in Plant and Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley 
Francis, Dailia  June 2006  Cold Spring Harbor Intern in 2005; Accepted into Summer Program at Columbia University for 2006; Accepted to post-bac PREP program at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and is attending MD/PhD Program at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine as of Sept. 2007. 
Hawkins, Christopher  2006 HHMI EXROP Program Summer 2005 at Columbia University; Currently working at Columbia University while finishing B.A. degree at Hunter College; Will seek a job as a Laboratory Technician late in the summer; Plans to enter M.A. Biology Program at Hunter College; Plans to apply to graduate schools in a year or two, seeking a Ph.D. in some Biological Science, most likely in Genetics or Developmental Biology 
Katanova, Svetlana  June 2006  American Museum of Natural History Intern 2005; Currently an intern in the Frozen Tissue Lab at AMNH; Applying to medical schools 
Marcewicz, Lauren  June 2006  MBL Intern in 2005 and 2006; Attending Mt. Sinai School of Medicine for an MD degree 
Pyie, Aung  2011 MBL Intern in 2004 and 2005; MBL Graduate Student in 2006; Attending Biotechnology BA/MA Program at Hunter College; Plans to attend Biology Ph.D. Program at CUNY. HHMI Director of RTF 
Caballero, Silvia  June 2008  Cold Spring Harbor Intern in 2006; HHMI EXROP student summer 2007, intern at Merk summer 2008, spending academic year at NIH, has a Gilliam Fellowship and is in the PhD program in Biology specializing in Immunology at Weill-Cornell as of Fall 2009.  
Edwards, Miguel  June 2007  HHMI EXROP Program in Summer of 2006 at UC, Berkely in Carlos Bustamante’s lab, will be attending UCLA PhD Program as of Sept. 2007  
Kong, May-Chuin  2008 Summer MBL Intern in 2006 and 2007; Undergraduate HHMI Scholar 2007-2008. Recipient of a CUNY Salk Award based upon research carried out at the MBL. Will enter MD Program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Fall 2008. 
Leatham, Cecilia  2008 Summer AMNH Intern in 2006; Plans to enroll in an MD/PhD Program 
Lugo, Prospero  2008  Summer MBL Intern in 2006, member of MBRS Program. In CUNY Ph.D. program as of fall 2008 
Ngai, Lily  2007  Summer MBL Intern in 2006; Summer 2007 attended Research Fellowship Program at Grice Marine Laboratory, College of Charleston. Is presently working as a research assistant at Mt. Sinai Medical School. Plans to become a researcher in Marine Biology 
Russo, Allison  Jan. 2008  AMNH Intern in 2006, BA/MA in Biology with specialization in Biotechnology Jan. 2008, worked at a biotech company and is now in medical school in California. 
Puente, Cindy  June 2009  CSHL summer 2007, EXROP student summer 2008, getting BA/MA in Biology with specialization in Biotechnology Jan. 2009, is attending PhD Program in Biology at Sloan Kettering. Accepted at Yale and declined all interviews once accepted to Sloan Kettering 
Dalmazzo, Barbara  Jan. 2009  MBL summer 2007 intern Graduated Jan. 2009. Is a research technician and plans to apply to med. school 
Siarheyeva, Alena  June 2009  MBL summer 2007 intern. MBL 2008 summer intern with Prof. R. Chappell Will be attending Stony Brook Dental School Fall 2009 
Leitman, Yelena  2010 MBL summer 2008 intern with Prof. Scott Brady, 2008-2010 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar, Recipient of a Goldwater Scholarship.  
Li, Diana  June 2009  MBL summer 2008 intern with Prof. Peter Armstrong. Attending CUNY PhD program in Physical Therapy 
Molla, Linda  Jan 2011 MBL summer 2008 intern with Prof. Gerardo Morfini, 2008-2010 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar, received award for Poster at ABRCMS Nov. 2009. 
Ray, Forest  2010 CSHL summer 2008 intern with Dr. Alea Mills. HHMI-EXROP student in Stephen Goff’s lab at Columbia Univ. summer 2009. HHMI Academic Year Scholar 2008-2009, HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar 2009-2010. 
Bekarev, Mikhail  June 2009  2008-2009 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar. In MD program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as of Fall 2009 
Feldman, Danielle  2010 2008-2010 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar; 2009 summer intern at CSHL 
Kelley, Megan  2010 2008-2010 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar. MBL summer 2009 intern with Prof. Peter Armstrong  
Goldschmidt, Amy  2010  2008-2010 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar 
Witter, Lauren 2011 MBL summer 2009 intern with Prof. R. Chappell; DVM/PhD program at Cornell University 
Bernstein, John 2010 MBL summer 2009 intern with Prof. Gerardo Morfini 
Saparauskaite, Marija 2011 MBL summer 2009 intern with Prof. Scott Brady; Cornel University PhD program in Genetics 
Meryl Horn June 2012 MBL summer 2010 intern with Prof. Scott Brady; HHMI EXROP summer 2011; 2010-2012 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar; Fall 2012 at UCSF in Neuroscience PhD program 
Lisa Baker June 2012 MBL summer 2010 intern with Prof. Gerardo Morfini, and returned to Morfini lab summer 2011; 2010-2012 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar; Fall 2013 PhD program at Albert Einstein Medical School 
Jun Kui Chen June 2012 MBL summer 2010 intern with Prof. Maria Gomez; HHMI EXROP summer 2011; 2010-2012 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar; Fall 2012 in the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, Biomedical Studies PhD program at Columbia University 
Anela Bektesevic June 2012 MBL summer 2010 intern with Prof. Peter Armstrong; 2010-April 2011 Undergraduate Scholar 
Joseph Cammarata June 2012 CSHL summer intern 2010; 2010-2012 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar; Recipient of Goldwater Scholarship; Cambridge Santander Scholarship to attend Cambridge University for an MPhil in Biological Sciences; at Cornell University for PhD in Plant Science 
Anoopa Singh June 2013 MBL summer 2011 intern with Prof. Scott Brady; Working at Weill Cornell while applying for MD/PhD programs 
Anthony Iuso June 2012 MBL summer 2011 intern with Prof. Peter Armstrong; in PhD program in Neuroscience at the University of New Mexico 
Shamelia Loiseau June 2013 MBL summer 2011 intern with Prof. Gerardo Morfini; Early acceptance to University of Rochester Medical School 
Marjeta Argjir June 2013 MBL summer 2011 intern with Prof. Richard Chappell; Ross University for MD 
Benjamin Perrella June 2012 CSHL summer intern 2011; 2010-2012 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar; in DO program at NYIT-COM 
Ivan Cohen June 2013 2010-2012 HHMI/Hunter Undergraduate Scholar; Fall 2013 in PhD program at Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 
Mehida Alexandre June 2012 2011 Undergraduate Scholar; Fall 2013 at Yale School of Medicine; Doing research with Dr. Marie Egan on Pediatrics Cystic Fibrosis 
Anibelky Almanzar June 2014 2012-2014 Undergraduate Scholar; Research technician in Dr. Jayne Raper's lab at Hunter College 
Stephie-Anne Duliepre June 2014 2012-2014 Undergraduate Scholar; Fall 2015 DVM/PhD program at Cornell University 
Ariela Hazan June 2014 2012-2014 Undergraduate Scholar; 2014-2015 Fulbright Scholar teaching English in Taiwan 
Pascal Maguin January 2015 2012-2014 Undergraduate Scholar; Fall 2015 in Rockefeller University Biology PhD program 
Girish Ramrattan January 2015 2012-2014 Undergraduate Scholar; 2014, 2015 EXROP; Invited to work in EXROP mentor's lab while taking GRE and MCAT at mentor's suggestion 
Michael Sideris June 2014 2012-2014 Undergraduate Scholar; Working as EMT, applying for MD & MD/PhD programs 
Brenda Abdelmesih Exp. June 2016 2013-2016 Undergraduate Scholar; Accepted as a sophomore 
Deena Chanowitz Exp. June 2016 2014-2016 Undergraduate Scholar 
Zachary Gershon Exp. June 2016 2014-2016 Undergraduate Scholar; 2015 Goldwater Scholarship 
Mert Keceli Exp. June 2016 2014-2016 Undergraduate Scholar 
Valentyna Kostiuk Exp. June 2016 2014-2016 Undergraduate Scholar; 2015 HHMI EXROP 
Prima Manandar-Sasaki Exp. June 2017 2013-2017 Undergraduate Scholar; Accepted as a freshman; From Manhattan Hunter Science High School 
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