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Diana Li

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Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA

Dr. Armstrong

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        The blood clotting system is known to mediate hemostasis.  It has also been known to contribute to immunity in Limulus polyphemus (American Horseshoe crab) by entrapping microbes and killing of the entrapped microbes by the plasma, specifically Vibrio alginolyticus.  The experiment was repeated using another gram-negative marine bacteria, Vibrio fisherii, and then to hopefully, identify the agents in the Limulus plasma required for this killing.  The experiment was set up by bleeding the horseshoe crab blood onto a slip for the blood clot to form and introducing the bacteria into the clot by directly adding onto the clot.  After countless trials, Vibrio fischeri entrapped in blood clot does not seem to show any significant negative effects by the presence of Limulus plasma.  This result may indicate that the killing is specific to only certain types of bacteria.

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